2019 – 2020


Developed in partnership with the Ministry of National Education and Youth in France, Projet REVE uses Embodied Virtual Reality to let teachers step into the universe of students with dyslexia.

Estimates show that dyslexia reaches 10% of the French school population, within which many students are never diagnosed. This invisible condition worsens the situation of these students, who even when diagnosed, go through a lot of difficulties in learning all the subjects besides facing a hostile socio-emotional environment. In general, the cognitive challenges of having dyslexia are known by the teachers (difficulty to read, write), but their emotional consequences go overseen.

Through this project, we offer educators the possibility of seeing and feeling themselves with dyslexia: either in the difficulties of reading and the lack of understanding of teachers, or in the social interactions that often evolve into situations of bullying.

Through a series of virtual reality content participants are able to see themselves from the perspective of dyslexic students, of teachers in training interacting with the parents of dyslexic students, and of specialised teachers implementing adapted pedagogies.

Imaginez-vous avec la dyslexie

Project REVE

The project is based on the system Library of Ourselves that offers pairs of users the possibility to exchange between the role of user and guide, in autonomous EVR stations using low budget standalone devices. 

All the material was produced in a collaborative process involving more than 30 education professionals, 3 schools and 4 school classes (primary and secondary). The aim is to provide an awareness-raising and training tool for education professionals and students in order to stimulate the socio-emotional well-being of students with dyslexia.

Practical info.

Official link to the Min. of Education of France: https://www.education.gouv.fr/110bislab/cid143142/projet-reve-realite-virtuelle-et-empathie.html