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Embodied Virtual Reality system designed to experience the world from another person's perspective

The Machine To Be Another is a performance installation. It facilitates the immersive experience of a body swap between two persons in real-time by combining neuroscientific research insights, performance art and Virtual Reality technology. BeAnotherLab enables this form of embodied perspective-taking to stimulate dialogue across differences for pro-social behaviour and mutual understanding.

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Immersive Documentary Film-Making for Embodied Storytelling

The Library of Ourselves uses Virtual Reality in its cinematic capacity. The technology enables the recording of 360° films from the first-person perspective of the storyteller, and the audience's experience of these cinematic worlds in an embodied, multisensory manner. The Library of Ourselves has evolved into a distributed VR film archive that can be experienced in our Social VR Stations, hosted by diverse institutions around the world.

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