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What if every single person on the planet could practice a little bit, every day, to put themselves in the shoes of the other?

With our signature systems “The Machine To Be Another” and “The Library Of Ourselves” we offer embodied virtual reality tools for empathy, designed to promote intergroup openness, mutual understanding and compassion.

Custom implementations in health centers, schools and training centers for teachers
Interventions and content development for corporate training on empathy
Research and technical consultancy for using systems by BeAnotherLab
Courses and workshops on Filming Embodied Virtual Reality
Scientific and community-based research on Empathy and VR
Implementation of Autonomous VR station with Library of Ourselves and Body Swap
Art installations “Body Swap” with The Machine To Be Another,
and “Library of Ourselves”
Production of Embodied VR content related to empathy

Our inspiration and experience comes from imagining concrete pedagogies that create meaningful learning experiences, that engage not only our minds, but our hearts, our bodies and our behavior.

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