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Who are we?
We are an interdisciplinary art-science research laboratory dedicated to exploring the relationship between identity and empathy. We develop immersive technology systems to generate new modes of storytelling and to experiment with the perception of self and other.

We are hybrid.

BeAnotherLab works at the intersection of art, science and technology. We question the hierarchies between these different ways of knowing and approach them as complementary, overlapping bodies of knowledge.

We are an international team of transdisciplinary researchers: Philippe Bertrand, Christian Betánzos, Christian Cherene, Norma Deseke, Daniel González,  Daniëlle Hooijmans, Daanish Masood, Marte Roel and Arthur Tres.

Our citizenships combine Brazil, Spain, Germany, Colombia, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and France, yet our countries of residence don’t necessarily match our papers and we have found permanent or temporary homes in Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York and Zürich.

Each one of us has a rich experience in knowledge production, with varying expertise in the arts and sciences, ranging from Cognitive Science and Psychology, Interactive Systems Design, Digital Arts, Computer Science, Social- and Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Management, Philosophy and Conflict Resolution.

BeAnotherLab is a not-for-profit cultural association registered in Barcelona. Our innovations are licensed under the Creative Commons Share-Alike License. We are driven by an action-research approach and our laboratory has developed a range of methodologies for interfacing with difference, always aiming to translate and connect in a context-specific and situated manner.


Arts – Science – Technology:  Start Prize – Honorary mention to Library of Ourselves.
(2017, Linz)

Global Centre for Pluralism. Global Pluralism Honorary Mention
(2017, Ottawa)

European Union Social Innovation Competition for Integrated Futures.
(2016, Brussels)

EU Social Innovation Competition
(2016, Brussels)

European Youth Awards
“Know Award” Winner
(2016, Brussels)

N.I.C.E. Awards – Network for Innovation in Culture and Creativity in Europe.
First prize on Solving the world´s major challenges. 
(2015, Essen) 

Ars Electronica.
Honorary mention in Interactive Art.
(2014, Linz)

Finalist in Experimental Laval Virtual Awards.
Awarded in Learning Sciences and Humanities Award.
(2014, Laval)

Disruptive by Innovation.
(2014, New York)

Shaping the Future III best project on Technologies for Education (children jury) – for project VR Body Swap
Awarded in Learning Sciences and Humanities Award. MindCET
(2014, Tel Aviv)

Hacking Medicine – MIT MVision Consortium
Best demo presented in hackathon
(2013, Boston)

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    Carrer d’Espronceda 326, 08027