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Embodied Narratives

Live performances where storytellers use The Machine To Be Another to share their story from their first-person perspective with the user

Embodied Narratives is one particular kind of application for The Machine To Be Another. In this setup, a storyteller “swaps bodies” with a user, who simultaneously listens to the storyteller’s pre-recorded narration.

The Embodied Narratives set up can be used in many different ways, custom-tailored to the needs, ideas and aspirations of those who employ the system as it is appropriate to their specific context and situated life-world.

We provide a range of interaction protocols, train and help people to employ the technology for the sharing of their life-experiences, stories and perspectives. We are always keen to start new collaborations with individuals and their communities, who want to share a notion of their everyday life, experience and heritage. Our aim is to expand the definition of ‘normal’ and to provide space for the diversity of human perspectives.

Embodied Narratives @ The Machine To Be Another is a creative tool and potential research device suitable for everyday life as well as for professional contexts, e.g. for mediation and conflict resolution, therapy and healthcare, education and training.


Embodied Narratives

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