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Xun Zi

"Seeing is not as good as knowing, knowing is not as good as acting; true learning continues until it is put into action."


has presented its work in more than
20 countries in a wide variety of contexts from science laboratories, maker spaces, research centres, art and cultural institutions, festivals, schools, museums, libraries, detention centres for asylum seekers and grassroots institutions for human rights.

Major International Events

Wise Summit (Doha, 2019), UNESCO Forum for Global Citizenship Education (Hanoi, 2019), World Economic Forum (Davos, 2017), United Nations General Assembly (New York, 2015)


Arts – Science – Technology:  Start Prize – Honorary mention to Library of Ourselves.
(2017, Linz)

Global Centre for Pluralism. Global Pluralism Honorary Mention
(2017, Ottawa)

European Union Social Innovation Competition for Integrated Futures.
(2016, Brussels)

EU Social Innovation Competition
(2016, Brussels)

European Youth Awards
“Know Award” Winner
(2016, Brussels)

N.I.C.E. Awards – Network for Innovation in Culture and Creativity in Europe.
First prize on Solving the world´s major challenges. 
(2015, Essen) 

Ars Electronica.
Honorary mention in Interactive Art.
(2014, Linz)

Finalist in Experimental Laval Virtual Awards.
Awarded in Learning Sciences and Humanities Award.
(2014, Laval)

Disruptive by Innovation.
(2014, New York)

Shaping the Future III best project on Technologies for Education (children jury) – for project VR Body Swap
Awarded in Learning Sciences and Humanities Award. MindCET
(2014, Tel Aviv)

Hacking Medicine – MIT MVision Consortium
Best demo presented in hackathon
(2013, Boston)

Embodied storytelling platforms