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25th to 26th of September ’17


May to Febrary ’19

Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin

[nectar_dropcap color=””]T[/nectar_dropcap]he Social Choreography Network brings together artists, academics, charities and refugees to discuss the ethics of refugee art, and develop opportunities for further collaborative research and practice. Do the arts to some extent utilize, expropriate, reify, objectify the actual body and plight of people who are for various reasons labelled “refugee”, in order to produce works of art or culture? What is the social role and impact of the movement arts? Does the label “refugee” not hamper the plight of people who experience forced displacement, and to what extent is this category a box to tick for major arts organisations, a trendy topic, a source for funding?

Social Choreography network encourages the sharing of practice, methods, provocations, and critical dialogue among practitioners and theorists working at an international level on issues of forced displacement (in Africa, Middle East, South America). Supported by Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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Middlesex St, Spitalfields, London E1 7JF, UK