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9th to 15th of December ’18


13th to 23rd of October ’18

Seattle Center

[nectar_dropcap color=””]M[/nectar_dropcap]e, We And The Machine is a seven-day residential institute that dives deep into two big questions: How does technology shape and influence sexuality, gender and rights? How do sexuality, gender and rights inform and shape technology? Following the style and methodology of CREA’s flagship institute on Sexuality, Gender and Rights, this institute explores the intersection of theory and practice in the context of social movements. The institute will explore the following core concepts, linking them to advocacy, including rights-based claims and strategies that advance the goals of movements working on gender and sexuality: Technology as site and space (public, private, hybrid) Sexual expression as a key aspect of free expression Body becoming data, data becoming body Consent and privacy in the digital age Tools of control, from censorship to surveillance Online and offline harassment Artificial intelligence, rights and social justice Movements, activism and technology

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